Dear Bride to be,

Here are some suggestion that may be helpful when planning your wedding. Whether you choose to have a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter Wedding, it's important to consider all the variations available.

The most popular months are May through December, this is when mother nature, and the industry, work well together.  Which of course means these months are the busiest. Although there are some advantages to having your wedding during the "off season" months.  Here are a few key advantages.

1. Possibly lower cost
2. More availability
3. Winter blues ( more guest want and can come to your wedding)
4. Honeymoon ( possibly lower cost, fewer people)

Also remember, when hiring entertainment for your reception or ceremony, it's very important to check availability and pricing. 

Here is month by month informational breakdown to help you decide what month is right for you.


Slower month for weddings but we stay busy with some corporate parties.  But this IS Bridal Show month.  (check your local paper)

Bridal shows are a great place for new ideas, getting prices and you may win a gift towards your wedding. Don't be pressured into signing any contracts on the spot, and remember if it sounds to good to be true, it's probably not a good thing. Be sure you know what your getting, how long the "special" is applicable and Check All References.


Also a slower month, but the most popular date is February 14th, so make sure you plan really early if you want that date. Father/Daughter Dances are popular as well, this month . Also a big booking, decision making month, by now you have had time to check references, meet with the business and make your final decision.


Another slow month, but again a good time to book and make your final decision on what businesses you want to work with for your wedding. The always popular theme weddings like St. Patrick's Day or Spring are big favorites for March.


Spring is here! Good time for weddings! .After Easter the wedding season kicks into full bloom. Remember, if thinking about an April wedding, you are competing with local proms for space and talent, so make sure you book your entertainment, location and formal wear early.


Spring flowers are in demand but so are good Wedding D.J.'s.  May is the month with the most weddings and proms. Check you local almanac for weather patterns and history if planning outdoor events ii May.  While we can't control it, May showers can be a pest.


Very busy month for outdoor events, weddings, graduation and other parties.  Tents are good idea to insure against hot or wet weather.  Spend the extra bucks and get the wrap around walls for your tent.  If the wind picks up, you'll be happy you did.


Great Weather!!!   Great outdoor month for weddings or anniversaries or any type of party. This is the best month for outdoor ceremonies.  *We lead the way in wishing for an extra 4 weekends in July.


Most popular month for outdoor weddings. Nice weather and no rain, but sometimes the hot temperatures or uninvited pest (insects) are over-looked.


Great weather, a little cooler than august. Insects are gone, fall colors are on there way. It's a great time for pictures.


This is the third most popular month of the year. Reserve your date early and remember flowers may cost a little more because of Sweetest Day.


Family get-togethers are in the air. Wedding receptions are a little more easy going. Country clubs and banquet facilities are usually decorated in the holiday theme.  People are just getting primed for the holiday season, the one thing to be concerned about in this month is hunting season specially if there is a hunter in your family.


Holidays are here again, the winter wonderland is a glance out the window.  This month is usually busy with corporate events although it has become a wedding month as well, so remember in planning a wedding reserve everything early and let your guests know well in advance of your wedding date especially if it on new years eve; you can usually buy save the date cards.

Hopefully this calendar will help you with your wedding plans. For further  information please feel free to contact us.  By the way...CONGRATULATIONS!


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