Frequently Asked Questions

Q  How much does the D.J. cost? 
A. Depending on date, location, and event based on a 6 hour package, the
price will range between $695.00 to $995.00.   

Q. Does the contract time include set up?
A. Set up and tear down is free. There are no extra charges.

Q. Do you charge a travel fee?
A. Not unless there is an excessive amount of travel time involved.
We will always be able to tell you this in advance.

Q. Do you require a deposit and a contract [how much is the deposit]?
A. The deposit amount depends on the date and yes we do require a
contract. You should always have a contract no matter what service you
are hiring for your wedding.

Q. Will the D.J. play our requests and can we submit a request list?
A. Of course requests are more than welcome, we are open to any
suggestions or requests that you may have.

Q. Does the D.J. take breaks?
A. We play continuous music through out the evening. We do
not smoke or drink on the job.

Q. Does the D.J. interact with our guests?
A. Yes, we work with the requests that are given by the bride and groom put
them together with the guests requests so everyone has a great time!

Q. Do you have lighting, mirror ball, etc?
A. Yes, just enough lighting to create a nice effect, whether it be romantic or fun
but never over bearing or blinding.

Q. What is the dress attire?
A. A tuxedo is normally what we wear unless it is a theme party and other
dress attire is requested .

Q. How do we book you for our wedding?
A. There are several different ways to reserve your date:

1. Set up a date were we can meet at one of our offices.
2. Do it over the phone.
3. Book it thru the postal service.  

We hope that these FAQ's &
answers helped. if there are any questions that you
may have please feel free to contact us . 


DJ Kurt Lewis
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